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Literary Theory
Anti-phallic architecture isn’t something widely discussed in any realm – be it in art history or gender studies – perhaps because it is rarely both intentional and on a grand scale. Metropolis areas, though beginning to dabble in the
Literary Theory
Laurence Rickels is a critic and vampire expert. He provided some inspiration for my Werewolf Express project as well as my upcoming book, Sweet Tomb. He has written The Vampire Lectures among other critical books about horror. I'd been wondering
Literary Theory
Bookslut just published a superbly frank essay by poet Courtney Queeney. Queeney discusses women poets, the breed she's supposedly part of, and questions what it actually means to stand up for your own. While she isn't decisive, Queeney manages to
Literary Theory
Phillip Lopate's recently released essay Notes on Sontag is one of the loveliest, most profound, most tremendously moving essays on any theorist or writer's work I've recently read; that it's so short makes it all the more remarkable. Lopate is one of
Literary Theory
Last week New York met two powerhouse week-long event series: Independent Booksellers Week NYC and PERFORMA 09; pedestrian interests and chores distracted me from both and, come Monday, I realized I had not seen any of the previous week's abundant excitements.
Literary Theory
As it happens, literary and cultural journal Matrix Magazine is our 1000th organization to sign up as a member! Founded in 1975 in Quebec's Eastern Townships, Matrix Magazine was around long before the movie, and is now based in Montreal. Three
Literary Theory
Aphasic Letters is a kind of Internet-birthed Pallas Athena. Few of my favorite literary works of the past year or so have not found some relation to Aphasic or its two founders, Danny Snelson and Phoebe Springstubb. Nurtured by the Internet's wealth
Literary Theory
I was initially saddened by the news of J.D. Salinger's passing, but this sadness was quickly replaced by uncertainty. His books meant the world to me a few years ago, as I'm sure they did to countless high school kids, and
Literary Theory
In light of our month of indie press highlights, I'm thinking fondly today of author Dodie Bellamy, whose work I love and who publishes with some really interesting presses. I've always admired her taste in publishers, not to mention her prose.
Literary Theory
Most will no doubt remember Hackett's gloriously bland covers from their college years; in all likelihood, the publisher would have seemed the primary source of all the titles under the "recommended reading" section of any given course's syllabi. It publishes many of the
Literary Theory
In this second installment of our month-long appreciation of independent publishers, I have chosen to highlight the quite-proudly-Providence-based Burning Deck Press. Before having read a single text by them, I felt an exuberant kinship with – and gratefulness for – their unfortunately
Literary Theory
Semiotext(e) has been so crucial to public intellectual discourse over the past three decades that there hardly seems any reason to "highlight" it: the publisher has achieved a level of sustained – and seemingly sustainable –success that other, more commercial publishers
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