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David Heatley was one of my picks for Artists to Watch in 2010. Here, he talks about his wonderfully edgey graphic memoir, "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down," the influence of cinema on cartooning and his work as a musician.
NPR just posted a review and a compelling excerpt from David Small's new graphic memoir 'Stitches.' Small, the award winning illustrator and writer of children's books, writes from the perspecitve of a child, probing his own shadowy past. Check out
Most will no doubt remember Hackett's gloriously bland covers from their college years; in all likelihood, the publisher would have seemed the primary source of all the titles under the "recommended reading" section of any given course's syllabi. It publishes many of the
The plight of Soha Bechara as a prisoner of El Khiam, one of the most violent and cruel prisons and subsequent transformation to symbol of resistance and idol of the Lebanese speaks volumes about the making of a legend
J.M. Coetzee has written a new memoir. Like the previouse two, this one masquerades as fiction. The premise: a young biographer has come to Cape Town to dig into the life of late writer John Coetzee. It's a sentimental, self-indulgent ploy,
Having read every book by Michael Pollan and thus dreamt of sipping local whole milk in a shed of my own building, foraging for mushrooms with a pithy fungal specialist, and baring witness to seasonal procession of rotating crops and farm