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I was able to attend two films as part of the New York City Dance on Camera Festival last week at the Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center. Two nights, two documentaries on contemporary dance, two very different, yet equally
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Having started out as a DP, I wanted to spend some time here to enjoy a few iconic visuals. Let's start with a group I think of as the hearty, undeniable cinematographers who rendered movie images that many of us grew
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The last week has been a blur of airplanes, trains, boats and buses, and so my Cultural Diary is most atypical of my normal daily life. Since my four-year-old son was born, I don’t travel as much as I used to,
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(This is a repost from Matrix Magazine's Anxiety issue). One of the best pieces of advice ever given was from The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Don't panic! And it’s true, it's never useful to panic. Sure, everything has the
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In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, Reel Asian presents its first cross-Canada tour SENSE OF WONDER, a dynamic selection of thought-provoking Asian Canadian shorts from across the country. This program will be seen in four different cities this May including
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García was born Sara García Hidalgo to Andalusian parents, Isidoro García Ruiz, an architect, and his wife Felipa Hidalgo de Ruiz. Her father was hired for various jobs in Veracruz, where they arrived, having just come from Havana, Cuba. García
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Laurence Rickels is a critic and vampire expert. He provided some inspiration for my Werewolf Express project as well as my upcoming book, Sweet Tomb. He has written The Vampire Lectures among other critical books about horror. I'd been wondering
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LightCube Video is seeking video and experimental film works exploring the themes of Freedom and Independence and their relation to Sustainability: societal, economic and environmental. Inspired in part by US troop’s Afghanistan remake of Lady Gaga’s video Telephone, the original
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The explosive ending to Fassbinder’s The Marriage of Maria Braun irks me. Here, finally, when the Brauns are forced to stop playing war-torn games and actually learn to live with one another (no easy task), they are engulfed in flames. I
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This is the middle part of a 1986 interview that legendary French auteur Jean-Luc Godard conducted with Woody Allen. Here, they have a (somewhat dated) discussion about the superiority of the movie theatre over television. If you're saddened at 9 more
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(reposted from Matrix Magazine issue #85) The Old Feminism came up with some pretty good slogans. “The Personal is Political,” for instance, still works pretty well! But when the subject of feminism came up in an art history class that I
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This coming week, I am excited to check out the Dance On Camera Festival 2010. Starting this week there are some free events at various venues, including a night of shorts at Judson Memorial Church presented by Movement Research tonight,
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