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After 40 years of dedication to the creative community, Art Basel is a corner stone in the art market. Every year, this fair is obviously held in Basel, as well as, Miami, and Los Angeles, and features iconic figures at the peak of their art career. Basel may be considered the red carpet event of art world where top collectors fawn over the next hot thing no different than paparazzi. Each year art stars are born. Yet some artists have participated annually for years even after they have long been deceased. Warhol and Basquiat still have us appreciators drooling over every piece. Despite it's unfaltering presence, where does one find the artist who are on the cusp on success? The next big thing?

In 2002 Scope was born - New York, Los Angeles, and London. Now, only in it's third year in Basel many locals are still unaware of it's existence. The majority of attendees seem to only be aware of it's new location if they hailed from one of SCOPE's previous locations, or a collector of a particular artist involved. Walking through the streets, little advertising was found promoting the on-goings only steps away. However, if you managed to get wind, it was quite easy find hiding only one block from Basel's main space. Hardly as all consuming, SCOPE is a precise concentration of the best. up and coming art. Over 100 galleries from around the globe showcase the most innovative selection of work. Advant garde photography, installation, and mixed media among other practices find support needed to properly display; giving them the encouragement and voice they deserve. 

Fresh galleries apply to SCOPE before other art fairs. There's no denying that Basel does have specific projects which highlight budding talent such as the blank blank, but the majority of work is geared toward the interest established collectors. The ever increasing buyer prudence contributes to market stagnation. Climbing prices discourage smaller or beginning collectors to invest. How can we take the hot shot dealers off their collective high horse, and stimulate the market by bring art back to the general populous? SCOPE in combination with a younger generation of collectors and curators are boldly pursing alternative avenues of exposing new media to provide a revived disection of modern art. Their mission claims to have a clear idea of what a younger audience is looking to see by, " It is our goal and passion to present the most innovative galleries, artists and curators while networking them with our Patrons through a unique program of solo and thematic group shows presented alongside museum-quality exhibitions, collector tours, screenings, and special events."

Art Basel may be the grandfather of art conventions with years of dedication and incomparable influence, but if you're looking for the forefront of art trend please take the time and visit SCOPE. I'm quite confident that as time progresses this satellite affair will give an antiquated standard a run for it's money.


* Artwork by Morgan Herrin provided by Ada Gallery.


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