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London-based artist Ross Chisholm is known for painting highly detailed figure portraits from found photographs and art reproductions, which are often then slashed with geometric abstractions and smears of paint.

His first New York solo show is currently on display at Marc Jancou Contemporary, and features a range of paintings, may of which reference 18th and 19th century historical images.

The figures are often isolated, rotated, and blended together in ways that imply dramatic movement, disturbing but somehow humerous at times. Some images are layered in what appears to be almost a painted dissolve, with a formal oil portrait creating a sheer, semi-rotated curtain over a kitchy vacation scene. Spikes poke through pouffy dresses turning a pale woman into a dinosaur; eyes are obscured by multicoloured triangles; and families pose before dramatically lit skies and severed landscapes.

Chisholm has commendable painting chops, and offers a very modern spin on rigid portraiture. His dark and humerous delivery, coupled with workmanship that is both meticulous and dramatic, offers wonderfully modern and interesting images.

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