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posted on 06.25.09

I just finished reading Jerry Saltz's New York Magazine piece on the Venice Biennale and I'm contemplating his idea of entropy in the art world right now. It's something that I've been thinking about in my writing for other projects, but I would be interested in hearing if anyone has any thoughts about their current practice or observations on where innovation is happening in art right now.

Tom Villa says:
“Maybe what's happening in the art world is the exhaustion of the distribution system. We've had 60-70 (?) years of the white box as an art container. How far can you go with things to insert into, sell and diplay in a white box? Often the work I've seen that's interesting doesn't fit comfortably in this environment. (video work is a good example). Maybe it's discipline provincialism on my part but I feel the exciting ideas are coming out of design and architecture, people working cross discipline. I do know a few artists who are working collaboratively with people in other fields. And what about a Sasha Baron Cohen who has chosen a different form to distribute his work. I think the next exciting thing in the art world will come out of someone working with interactive/web/distributed devices and they may have no need for the existing commodity model of white boxes.”
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