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     Standing in line on a Tuesday night, for two hours, on Vine Street. My Friend Carey had invited me to tag along to attend the screening of Björk's Voltaic: The Volta Tour Live. The film is a live document of her tour. Björk holds a special place in my juvenile heart, please to be attending the event altogether. She is an avant - garde, Icelandic pixie, soprano goddess in the hearts of her fans. A solid herd of people ranging in age. The crowd was mostly early twenty somethings to thirty somethings. However moms and dads with hip youths in tote packed the place too. We had assembled ourselves at the Nike Sportswear at the Montalbán.

     People with Purple wrist bands congested  the upper stairs, half moon bar. L.A. Riots would dj in the same room after the show. A free cocktail or two by Belvedere XI, would be bestowed on to you, if you could make it to the front of the crowd. Tubs of free drinks, water, soda and red bull lined the way to the theater. Popcorn and candy piles left on tables for the taking. We nibbled on popcorn till they let us into the screening room.The screening room's upper and lower deck slowly filled, over the next 20 minutes. We scored sits in the front left area. A prefect view for what are eyes would see.

     John Wells, the creative director of Flux, walked across the stage. He thanked the crowd for attending the preview of The Volta Tour chatted up Bjork and gave the release date for the public, to view. The performance is a part of the box set that will be ready for purchase on June 30, 2009 by Nonesuch Records.The box set is four discs, two are footage, the other two are just for your ears. He also stated that there was a limited number of posters that would be given out at the end of the viewing. Later in the evening I would work my way to the front of that crowd to find two empty handed gentlemen. I would not receive a poster, that I had wished for. The lights dim, we sat back to watch the sensational footage from Bjork's tour in Paris, France. 

    French horns, trumpets, trombones played by people in electric carnivalesque outfits marched away the screen. Soon to be joined by a barefoot, rainbow, tribal print dressed Björk. Five other men waited on stage covering the other half of the band, drums, mixer and piano.  She preformed earlier songs remixed by the live band behind her. Hunter, Joga, Army of Me, Hyperballad, songs from the Volta album with a quick costume change. The crowd in the film jumped, danced, sang Björk played drums in the air.  She was a ball of energy with electric volts jumping out of her songbird voice. Alluring colors filled the room, the film was edited to fit the rhythm of the beats. Fast, sharp, clean, wide  and close, a tangle of vibration. I felt emerged in a movement that had past the 60's Janice Joplin creating a wiser love child to the next generation. Björk diplomatic, bold, creative talent. She sounded great, when the screen light up with neon on color you could see heads in the theater bobbing. Finally a glistening group of paper fell from the sky, surrounding Bjork. People in the theater audience for the film stood up clapped and whistled. 

    The film had filled my dreams of seeing what, Bjork front row would be like to see live. It was beautiful, magnificent, ablaze with cultivated editing and film shoots. The clapping in the room had stopped. The crowd moved to take their fate at getting a poster in the upper stairs bar room. L.A. riots started to dj, free cocktails returned on the scene. Four guys in skinny jeans started to dance in front of the dj booth. More people joined in, soon the floor was packed with guys and girls dancing. Carey and I stood and listened for a bit to L.A. riots. They however could not compete with Bjork. Don't get me wrong I love to dance to their musical selection. We made our way though the thick crowd of people leaving the Montalbán to rome the night life of Hollywood.  


Björk's Voltaic: The Volta Tour Live box set will be released on June 30, 2009 by Nonesuch Records. 



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