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Grand canyon scenery so many fantasy, covers an area of about 277 miles long 18 miles wide, only in the high altitude above can really appreciate the grandeur of her and the vast majority. Helicopter tourism is very popular in local, many route is also available. The hoover dam, lake mead, card spot "national forest park, grand canyon national park is a famous scenic spot. Here is the best you can fly over the canyon, vertical drop of 1500 gucci belts for sale feet, landing on the edge of the grand canyon most broad and deep dragon corridor, close ornamental stones there are millions of years history.

Las Vegas is not Las Vegas, took a helicopter to appreciate the night scenery of the city more beautiful. Over the center of the city to watch the stratosphere tower, pyramid-shaped luxor, also can see the bellagio, Paris hotel, Venice hotel,cheap belts caesars palace and treasure island. Want to visit during the daytime? Visit red rock canyon and nellis air force base.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city scene, might as well enjoy the charming natural scenery to Hawaii. Here is the most typical tropical city in the United States. Take a plane flying over the dense tropical rain forest, pour down the great falls,cheap gucci belts also can see tears of kauai and fire wall falls to the top of the hill. Even more wonderful, you can see the world's most active in Hawaii kilauea, lucky also can see out of the crater lava.


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