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photographed, watch the people think it is a beautiful pair of Nike shoes sideways because there is a big check mark logo. So he ran into the store looking for those stars helped popularize the classic style, but often are empty-handed. That really is not Nike. That is not just good-looking shoes. Air jordan shoes began to be popular in the streets thing nearly two years, a lot of fun to wear, but clinging to a shoe that people are really not much. Street stockings girl with Air Jordan shoes, sneakers culture has been gradually fade to its original appearance, seems to be more fashionable now more widely accepted. But Bunny ring seems limited to follow suit, just find it beautiful, it's pretty simple love Air Jordan shoes reason.
Bunny ring is typical of Women Air Jordan shoes, pink, she almost wearing a shoes. Middle School when she read a magazine SIZE know air jordan shoes. Because it is a school team player, she often there will be some opportunities to match venues, injected her dream of owning one pair of air jordan , Jordan spirit. You know that time, most of the girls in the play when it comes to wearing Converse, Li Ning, wearing Adidas not many, really expensive shoes. And a girl's shoes began less money on a nice experience itching, but really can not wear men's shoes. Air Jordan shoes, dream continues to ring freshman Bunny into reality, occasionally she went Xinjiekou a shoe store to buy his own first Air Jordan shoes turn fur material Jordan 1 generation, although later also professionals named "color is very complicated," but the significance of this pair of shoes is unusual, it opens the Bunny rang the closing of the Air Jordan entrance. Until now, these shoes also protect her very well, every time there is an important occasion, into the stadium to play when she will wear.
Air Jordan shoes for people who have focused on the complex after 80 generations, but also spread to 90. New Jordans 2014 for sale, In the 1980s people compare the average household living standards, most people find seven eight hundred shoes still somewhat elusive. air jordan shoes in 2008 after a Joe 23, basically a remake, this time after 80 began to have strength, and buy themselves ever dreamed of styles much easier. Entrusted with the childhood dream of shoes, from 1985 out of the air jordan 1 to Air Jordan 23, different styles and different color itself has a different story, designer commemorative significance, as well as different design technology concepts, and similarly, there are different memories.
Bunny ring around a friend obsessed with favorite Air Jordan shoes, took home just over one thousand pairs of shoes of many people, they have good shoes with shoe box, and then stored into a large box, or even open up a room These big boxes specially heap. Because rubber shoes a long time may be aging, so there are people who put the first year of shoes preserved intact, with acid and then wrap the plastic wrap, then placed in a controlled temperature and humidity of the house, rather intentions.
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