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For a long time, sanya is the most popular domestic tourist city in the winter, wu yan a thick clothes in most regions of the country, against the cold wind, here also can wear short-sleeved, see the congenialsea on the beach. Reporters checked the online, on November 5, to November 10, chengdu to sanya airfare in the lowest price is less than 400 yuan, during the peak season period before the deal. Might as well go to sanya in the sun.

Sanya's air clean, clear, can easily involve, November sun had faded the heat of the summer, the sea breeze, the leaves with the pendulum, someone riding a bicycle, from time to time and enjoy the sunshine, shadows. If you want to relax the body, can choose NaTian hot springs, shaded by 34 hot spring pools in coconut trees, visitors can relax the whole body, play with the fish pond fish, or sink in the rose petals, fragrant aroma hover around, for a long time not to go. Always includes a string of footprints in the sand, or write down your own mood, after the tide has smooth trace, there is always a girl is ringing laughter rang, and was taken away by the sea. Lying on the beach,cheap gucci belts listening to ebb and flow, see the distant horizon, the sea always has a soothing force, quietly beating a person's heart by the sea.

In sanya, must not miss li village: local betel nut, coconut, papaya, carambola, all is characteristic of tropical fruit tree behind the house, I have a girl, old woman dressed in traditional costumes. Have woven Li Jin old woman sat in the house, the President of the throne, and made the black at the bottom of the shuttle up carefully,and verify the decorative pattern, through a yellow or red or gold cotton, tight, long buried under the head and cheap belts online neck, continue to stir up a piece of cotton. On has woven Li Jin, is used in their houses on the texture, without words, li tell their stories in this mode.

In sanya, north of wuzhishan, grow lush tropical forests. Compared with the seasonal drift in sichuan, wuzhishan drift affected by seasonal are much smaller. Alternately quiet and fluctuating water also brings to the castaways different stimulating experience, 3 meters from a river falls, feel the body empty, the water clear, no dead Angle of 360 degrees the stimulation of wet, replica gucci belts let a person forget yourself in the season of winter will come, at this moment, the summer is infinite.


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