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Iran's people very enthusiastic to strangers. Travelling in Iran, the tourist may be met iranians home on the road, pipe all found to play, even with cheap gucci belts or without the language barrier. Of course, in the photo and your enthusiasm, they will give you 100% warm smile. And a lot of people who travel to Iran, there are a lot of Arabian nights story buried in the bottom of my heart.

Iran's people care much about others think about them. Passengers need to respect their customs, exchange, remember to praise them, including long history,replica gucci belts magnificent mountains and rivers, charm city, etc.

In Iran, food also is to have "characteristics", the staple food is called naan, more cakes coated with yogurt can directly eat, can also roll of vegetables and rice. The street there are many stalls selling pickled cucumber finished products as well as a variety of vegetables, can also be rolls to eat. Yogurt is salty cheap belts online or vegetables taste, and yogurt beverage is salty.


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