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posted on 10.31.13

Last week in northeast China under the attack of the cold air in the first snow of the year, although in most places still remain at this time the colors of autumn, but the changbai mountain has entered the winter. Changbai mountain in September has actually received the first snow, the changbai mountain after snow, snow mountains, particularly gucci belts for sale enchanting, on foot, and yellow leaves of birches have dropped to 7788, but more show its trunk white, let a person feel winter's clean. In changbai mountain, the mountain is surrounded by snow, tianchi lake in Snow White backdrop is more

Mudanjiang jingbo is the world's second largest lake. Meanders, jingbo lake island dot size, and the most famous lake in the eight scene,cheap belts like eight radiant pearl inlaid in the green ribbon. These primitive, natural charm under well, well, winding path leading to a secluded spot, winter snow quiet and pleasant.

At this month, at the foot of tianshan mountain SaiLiMuHu year snow again. The first snow here also arrived in months. Net SaiLiMuHu in ancient times was known as the "sea", is a beautiful mountain lakes. Winter cheap gucci belts SaiLiMuHu like a dazzling sapphire hung in the west tianshan between fault basin, the lake surrounded by mountains, tianshui set each other off. Dancing here snow, snow mountains, the snow water condensation, onion extract pine and hand in photograph reflect with pure white snow, a faction northland killing the grand scenery of snow


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