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5 ?s 4: Andy Summers, Photographer/Musician

 1]     Does your work sometimes surprise you, or take its own direction?

 Well that is the nature of the beast…whatever creative media you are doing, photography – painting, music or writing, you nurse the thought that maybe the work will start presenting itself, as if independent from your control and – surprisingly – ends up rather differently that you expected.

 2]     How do you see your work growing/changing/stabilizing in the future? 

 I hope whatever creative work I do doesn’t stabilize itself in the future – that sounds rather deadening to me. It is possible that you become more sure of your technique as you continue on – thus creating a sort of stability, but then the challenge is to abandon technical prowess and risk doing things differently. It is so easy to repeat oneself – especially if you have had some sort of success. But that can be death for the artist.

 3]     What was the best advice you ever gave one of your colleagues about being an artist, and, what was the best advice you’ve received from someone else, on the same subject?

 Advice is a dangerous thing - it tends to end up in clichés, unless it is specific technical advice from an experienced artist to someone in the early stages. The most sage advice - well not really advice but more of a philosophical tenet is “do it for yourself.” Outside of that, any external success is a bonus.

 4]     How do you use your personal inspirations in your work?

 I‘m not sure what you mean by personal inspiration. But I can say that I’m looking for an emotional place in both music and photography that resonates with me. It’s hard not to resort to cliché here, but it’s probably a place where you want to sob…   

 5]     If you were an art critic, how would you describe your current exhibition?     

Apart from all the superlatives….Dark, ambiguous, layered, asymmetrical - transcendental…


Exhibition: “Desirer Walks the Streets” Sarah Lee Artworks & Projects 

June 13-Sept. 3, 2009

Book: “Desirer Walks the Streets” by Andy Summers  © Nazraeli Press 2009


Image, cropped: Turning Man, Times Square, NY © Andy Summers 2004



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