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Kala Gallery is proud to present The Making is A Re-Making featuring work by Adam Donnelly & David Janesko, Kevin Frances, Rachel Granofsky, Adrienne Heloise, Erin Colleen Johnson, Jesse Boardman Kauppila, Nance O'Banion, Farnaz Shadravan and Emma Spertus. 


The exhibition presents new work by artists who use materials and resources from everyday life to generate new worlds and systems. Objects, spaces or experiences can be used to create new worlds from old ones, transformed via new arrangements, compositions, re-purposing or other experimental methods creating an experience of unexpected and magical perceptional shifts. 


Worlds are built from the worlds of our experience - whether it's already experienced or imagined. The Making is A Re-Making explores new ways of worldmaking recreated from our everyday life -- the spectacles of the mundane.


Please join us for a Gallery Conversation with the Artists on Saturday, November 2 at 2:00 pm. The event is free of charge and open to the public.



Tours of the Kala studio, gallery and print-and-media study center are also available by appointment. For more information, contact Mayumi Hamanaka, Kala Gallery Manager, or (510) 841-7000 ex 201.

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