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Recently, the Beijing International Trade first pandora uk store in the basement of the grand opening, derived from the Danish world famous jewelry brand PANDORA, since its inception, with its unique and personal design Charm Bracelet victorious fame.
Like every one beautifully designed, high-quality fashion jewelry temperament same shop, PANDORA jewelry are drawn from precious metals and rare gems, the brand also with strict standards, workmanship, quality and design has become famous. The difference is that, pandora charms jewelry is completely handmade, and can be based on personal preferences, from the existing selection of jewelry, design, assemble unique jewelry.
Entered the shop, facing the counter which displays, are can mix design jewelry accessories, you can get from more than 800 kinds of hand-crafted sterling silver and 14K gold pandora charms select a commemorative value or significance of styles free match. Such as bracelets, we must first choose a suitable size wrist chains, the shop has cortex, K gold and other materials, 17cm K gold bracelet, 17cm K gold bracelet; then the string in a variety of decorative bracelet with 14K gold heart-shaped, five-pointed star -shaped, there are lanterns, crown, locks, flowers, butterfly pattern, suitable for a variety of topics, the price is a two hundred to three five hundred dollars.
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