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posted on 06.17.09

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to post a proposal I've been working on as I continue to think about it and send to various curators. I will continue to post updates on the project and of course welcome thoughts and collaborators. 

69 Love Stories 

I have been working on a new hybrid video online and installation project called 69 Love Stories informed by instructions, repetition and collaborative authoring. 

The idea is, through instructions, all over the world, online and then in installation to engage 69 artists to create one 3 minute or less film of the same story. 

Here is a description. 

69 Love Stories

A new hybrid video online and installation project by Marc Lafia

Taking its cues from Raymond Queneau's book, 'Exercises in Style',  a collection of 99 retellings of the the same story, The Magnetic Fields 3 disc set, '69 Love Songs', and Marc Lafia's 'Permutations', '69 Love Stories'  is the retelling of the same 3 minutes (or less) story in 69 locations in countries all over the world with 69 different sets of international actors and non actors made by 69 international artists as designed by instructions and variations on one simple story conceived and written by Marc Lafia.

Marc Lafia has created both collective artistic groups as a film maker and distributed authoring environments as a software designer including commissions from The Whitney Museum of American Art and Tate Modern and The Canary Islands Architectural Biennale and as the founder of art+culture ( recently relaunched in May 09.

In 69 Love Stories he brings together both computational and cultural ideas of repetition and difference, instructions, inscriptions and ideas for distributed and collective authoring.

For this work he has completed his online cinema engine software platform ( , a unique computational instrument that refigures traditional mise-en-scene and presents a new syntax for computational and emergent time based imaging and 'cinema'.

Marc has begun forming a international collective of artists and who will begin to film and put on line variations of the 69 love stories produced and shot in New York, Shanghai, Montreal and Berlin this summer.

69 Love Stories will be presented online and as varying installations at international and artistic festivals.


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