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posted on 01.22.08

The Image Imaged

Is it possible that every image has a double? One seen and one unseen. In fact, is every image the image
seen twice and then infinitely seen once by everyone seeing it. Certainly the image in the digital is not onlyrecorded by the camera but can we say, seen by it. Here it is seen in widescreen, then black and white, and sepia, and vivid color, and then again highlighting blue, green, red, or perhaps academy aperture. Yes the image is imaged and seen.

Imaging in the repertoire of the digital is more than capturing an image or recording it, it is about an event of imaging. The real time event of seeing through imaging. Imaging then is an event of seeing.

In these images I see. Through them I see the image imaged. The doubling of the image which tells me there is only image redoubled in my seeing.

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