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Small Mid-Autumn festival holiday, want outbound travel, but too late a visa? People's Daily online travel channel for you recommend nine visa-free island tour, to enjoy a "sea gave birth to the moon, the end of the world at this time" together exotic Mid-Autumn festival.

In the Mid-Autumn festival night,beltscheap night fishing, of course, don't have a taste, round water-like moonlight poured into the maldives as smooth as a mirror of the surface of the ocean, sailing a boat to the infinite sea, and watch the moon on fishing vessels, while casting, in a short time can enjoy the pleasure of the fish, then with himself for tropical fish to shore field grilled fish meal at night.

Fiji in the south Pacific center, between the equator and the tropic of Capricorn, is the international date line on the island, and consists of 300 islands. The original beauty of Fiji everywhere full of tropical ocean. In recent years many international famous people are keen on vacation in Fiji, select Microsoft founder Bill Gates spent their honeymoon in Fiji, movie star nicole kidman, Pierce brosnan, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Fiji have their own private territory. Fiji's popularity and awareness thus a rising tide lifts all boats.

Jeju island is located in the neighborhood of 33 degrees north latitude line, is the largest island in South Korea. Jeju island is very rich in tourism resources, has a humid mild Marine climate and by the volcanic activities create a beautiful and colorful natural scenery, make it win the praise of "South Korea Hawaii". In jeju island can enjoy sunrise at sea, coastal waterfall, hiking, fishing, can undertake all kinds of water activities, can also enjoy the south Korean folk customs.


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