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Text messages have become an extremely important part of our life since their inception. They are definitely one of the quickest and most reliable ways of communication this world has ever witnessed. However, text messages lately have been through a massive evolution along with the mobile phone evolution and in general telecommunication metamorphosis.

They started with sending simple mobile phone message to the other mobile holder by spending some money and now there is an option to send the online messages also through websites. The biggest impact of mobile phones and text messages has been on the third world countries like Pakistan. Prior to the inception of mobile phones, telecommunication in specific and communication in general was quite dilapidated and people would struggle really hard for the communication to the other city or outside the country. And now, they can even enjoy the send free SMS to mobile in Pakistan  also by using the option of online text messages.

Free and easy communication has played a humongous role in shaping up the Pakistani society. In this article, I will talk about how penetration of mobile phones and text messages is shaping up the Pakistani society along with some of the political, economical and social repercussions.

Economical repercussions:

The biggest benefit of business organizations is the easy and economical means of marketing and promotion. Marketing for business organizations would be quite expensive before the options of SMS send to mobile in Pakistan  which has turned into something quite economical and relatively more effective. Marketing and promotion for the medium and small level business organizations is no more a chore since the inception of SMS marketing.

This is the reason that there is a new trend emerging in Pakistan regarding business marketing and that is shunning the mainstream mediums of marketing and adopting the new ones like SMS marketing. And now business enterprises have begun to use the option of sending online messages through websites and that enable them to send free SMS messages to mobile phones and do the promotion of their business in a very cost effective way.

Social and political repercussions:

This economical and quick communication has impacted the political and social scenario of Pakistan quite deeply. Lately, we have seen a political group using social media and mobile messages quite aptly to convey their political message to the masses.

Force is often used on the political parties of opposition in third world countries and Pakistan is no exception. When doors of state owned media platforms were closed for the opposition parties, they resorted to the social media and text messages to convey their message to the general populace. This strategy has worked for them and helped them big time to connect with masses without a huge spending.


In a nutshell, boom in the telecommunication industry has helped the society move forward and has changed the social dynamics also. Platforms like SMS111 are the giant stride towards emancipating masses and making communication an economical and convenient affair. 

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