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     On Wednesday I headed over to a Wonderful World Art Gallery, in Culver City to see the preview for Luke Feldman. Along with the preview Luke would be doing a live painting right in the gallery. Luke Feldman is an artist from Melbourne Australia, living in San Francisco. His work is best described as Victorian meets Edo, add in the technology created by modern society. When I spoke with him at the preview he said he was influenced by his experience in Japan. Luke pleasantly chatted with me about  the music he creates, animations, and other multi medias that he works in. A smile from ear to ear expressed how much he enjoys the simple act of creating. 

     The first group of images that I saw were five exquisite wooden panel paintings to my left. Each panel featured a single adorable girl emerged in ornament designed flowers. Earthy, with a touch of spot colors creating an air of striking delight for the viewer. Luke Feldman has become well known for his unique style. His painting are petite like the girls he draws, alluring, neon colored, fetching, imagery. I moved onto the other wall across from the five wooden panels.

    On the left wall at Wonderful World Art Gallery were seven black and white framed ink on paper images. The images were from Luke's new and first children's book Chaff n' Skaffs Mai and the Lost Moskivvy. The book is written by Amanda Chin and Luke Feldman, illustrated by Luke Feldman. The book is about three extraordinary friends that go on a voyage to return home. Copies of Chaff n Skaffs Mai and the Lost Moskivvy sat on a table next to the black and white images. The final fruit of his labors, next to the birth of his ideas. Each of the narrative images had Luke's classic LF red stamp in the corner. The LF Stamp reestablished Luke's affection for spot color, that works marvelous in his imagery. I moved to the back of the Wonderful World Art Gallery to see more.

   One of the back walls continued the story with more black and white images from Chaff n' Skaffs. I was amassed by the polished Giclee prints on the very back wall in the corner of the gallery. Four long saturated landscape images with his trademark girls. Attractiveness of color that jumped off the walls. Luke had told me he has a printer that gets the colors just right for his limited Giclee prints. The prints made me feel alive with a vibrated energy from looking at them. my eyes pleased by the savory dream world created by Luke Feldman.    

Luke Feldman's solo show at Wonderful World Art Gallery will be on view from June 10 to July 11,2009. Wonderful World Art Gallery is located at 9517 Culver Boulevard, in Culver City CA 90232. More information for Wonderful World Art Gallery can be found at Information regarding Luke Feldman can be found there as well plus at 

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