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posted on 06.14.09

In the seventies, I learned photography on the job. On the run. On the street. Sometimes having to shoot an assignment "over," as requested by my editor or art director, like the patient, Lloyd Ziff. Staying up late in my kitchen/darkroom - fridge held only film, wet prints and OJ - teaching myself what an archival print meant, I was also being influenced by the photographs I was looking at: anything by Diane Arbus, a hand by Dorthea Lange, the riverside picnic by Henri Cartier-Bresson. And, these portraits by Richard Avedon and Arnold Newman. I learned negative space from these two master photographers. That it wasn’t only the face that was important, but the area surrounding it. The environment that the subject was shot in. The space around their figure. Avedon and Newman’s vision still holds up today. Visit the following links and see what I’m blogging about. Take a look around the center of your interest…you might be surprised by what you find. I am uploading a few of these portraits to “My Favorites” section. Enjoy. Learn.

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