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Piggy-backing on the my latest blog entry, I wanted to write a quick piece on artist extraordinaire Frédéric Back, environmental activist and animation royalty.

M. Back's story is made of many touching and extraordinary moments, from his love letters being sent back and forth during the war, to a woman who would become his wife, to his vigorous and ongoing struggle for re-forestation.

I had the honor of meeting him today, which prompted this article. He shared with us his pain when, flying over the Vancouver Islands on the way back from Japan, a few years ago, he discovered miles and miles of trees cut in an unethical manner, clearcutting, cleverly hidden from the general public. In those remote areas of our country, on the ocean side rather than facing the mainland, forests are being savagely destroyed for timber, and left with a very effective facade ; a ribbon of trees bordering highways and lakes, giving the impression that  a whole forest stands behind.

Sadly it is nothing but a tridimensional work of trompe-l'oeil, and that is the theme of Frédéric Back's newest piece, L'Horreur Boréale, a 8'x4' mural which will go on display this coming Thursday June 18  at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

As reported by the Canadian Press, M. Back admits to not being very optimistic, seeing the current state of our blue planet; he readily describes himself as a 'pessimist that takes action' in this life-long fight he has led for over 60 years for environmental awareness ... in the hopes that one day, humaity will act more sensitively. 

I encourage you all to go see the exhibit, which will be on display all summer in Montreal at the Museum of Fine Arts, located at 1380 Sherbrooke West, Montréal (Québec). 


Nota Bene : his website, newly finished :




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