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I could repost the whole Wikipedia report on Recife, but here are my thoughts, perhaps cruder, certainly most sincere, on the artist : franchement brilliant.

Born in Brazil somewhere in the early 80s, as in 1980s, Eduardo Recife has been designing typefaces like a sculptor crafts the wood; with delicacy, breathing space, playing with altitudes, irregularities and errors. His series of typefaces can be downloaded for free on his website, and bear the most whimsical names, from 'Horse Puke' to 'Selfish' to 'Porcelain' and 'Diesel' (a personal favorite). 

Found at, Recife's site also displays some gorgeous illustrations, some of which can be seen below. His style reminds me of the hand colored postcards in my grandmother's drawers and vintage Vogue magazines ; the collage-d fragments seem to have been taken from sources such as 50s how-to guides and old school woodcuts. Without a doubt, some of the most beautiful collage work around. Make sure to check out his circus fonts ...

Recife's world is a must see; please take a second and pay hommage to his talent by visiting his site - and do indulge in the downloadable fonts. Cupcakes in HTML form, if you ask me ... 



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