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Intriguing and insightful.  I turn to passages such as this often for inspiration:

The following excerpt is taken from The Mystical Theology of St. Denis, published in The Cloud of Unknowing and Other Works.  Its author has chosen to remain anonymous but is thought to be a 14th century English priest, probably a Carthusian monk. 

"Here is a man who has a solid block of wood of the largest size.  It is outside himself, lying in front of him, while within himself he has the intention and skill to make an image of the smallest size from that part of the wood which, measured by plumb line, lies in the centre and middle of the block.  While the block is completely whole, the image may exist inside himself through sheer power of imagination, but common sense tells you that before he can manage to see it clearly with the bodily sight of his outward eyes, or reveal it to be seen by others, he must always use his skill and his tools to remove all the outward parts of the wood that surround the image and prevent it from being seen...

...In the divine work of contemplation we must, with the dexterity of grace, skillfully pare completely away this encumbering lump, coagulated in this way out of innumerable unlikenesses, as a powerful hindrance antagonistic to the pure hidden sight of God.  And thus, through the dexterous removal of all these things, brought about by grace, we can praise clearly, beyond understanding, Beauty itself in its own naked, uncreated reality without beginning.  How this can be done is unknown to all except those alone who experience it, and even to them is unknown except while the experience lasts."

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