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junc•ture |ˈjə ng k ch ər| noun particular point in events or time it is difficult to say at this juncture whether this upturn can be sustained.

As I posted, 22 days ago, I'm watching the mini-publishing phenomena of analog to digital and back to analog press. Two examples given here: The Printed Blog - and "Words Without Pictures" - The Printed Blog is coming out in newspaper format; "WWP" was just published, in book format, by the Wallis Annenberg Photography Dept. of LACMA - - printed "on demand" by A description of the project, taken from the Lulu website, reads:

"WORDS WITHOUT PICTURES was conceived as a year-long project with monthly themes that were formulated by an editorial team in tandem with contributors to the website. The aim was to create spaces where thoughtful and urgent discourse around very current issues for photography could happen. Each month, beginning at the end of November 2007 and concluding in November 2008, an artist, educator, critic, art historian, or curator wrote a short, un-illustrated and opinionated essay about an aspect of photography that, in his or her view, was either emerging or in the process of being rephrased. Each essay was available on the website for one month and was accompanied by a discussion forum focused on the specific topic. Over the course of its month-long “life,” each essay received invited and unsolicited responses. The essays were proposals, from which the respondents picked up and created new strands of inquiry, thereby demonstrating the multidimensionality of each topic."

An informative article on this subject ran in the LA TImes, on Monday, June 1, 2009, in the Calendar Section: Critic's Notebook "BookExpo reveals an industry in flux" by David L. Ulin, detailing his recent visit to the BookExpo America, in NY, at the Jacob Javits Center. Read it at -,0,503726.story. 

Why am I watching this? After years of postponing the inevitable 24/7, three year push, to get a book completed and published, I'm thinking about using this process for "The Men Series," my magnum opus. Uploading my images, taking public comments on portrait subjects, including actors: Tracey Walter, Jeff Bridges, William Sanderson, Danny De Vito; writers: Amiri Baraka, Quincey Troupe, Jonathan Kirsch; composers: Danny Elfman, Carl Stone, Van Dyke Parks; and photographers, too numerous to mention...adding other essays, sending it off to and voila, A BOOK! All artists want a book. A permanent form of closure on a series, or collection of their work. The final proof of our enduring, or endearing, struggles for a particular vision, or idea. And, in keeping with our lives online, why not follow through digitally, skipping many of the middlemen/women needed on such a project. Is printing quality sacrificed? Marketing resources abandoned? Book tours snubbed? If one can maintain their objectiveness, and good humor, why not? Updates on this blog...


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