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The height of summer, the Royal Summer Palace is an excellent natural cool air resort, scenery also exist, still cool, not for Xungu,
cheap belts only for that touch of Imperial Queen's cool ......

I remember the "Zhen Huan Chuan" where there is a plot, the emperor Zhen Huan said to take her Yuanmingyuan refreshing, Zhen Huan's face is a happy face. Yuanmingyuan course is also an excellent cool place, but these summer palace,
cheap gucci belts and did not mention Chengde inexcusable. From the hands of God was founded in 1703 Kangxi, after nearly 90 years before the completion of the Mountain Resort has been a royal summer resort, Villa also breathing in a casual factor with Royal.

230 km from the capital Mountain Resort is like a good refreshing summer world, where very broad, covering enough to have two Summer Palace, Beihai Park, eight big. Then grind the emperor's car from the capital comes with a hot climate, we must stop to get off the horse plunged headlong into the villa cool world. First greeted, is Korea main entrance, into the main hall, Kangxi Lord personally "Worldly Desires Keswick" plaque above the Throne, which was built entirely by Phoebe's house minimalist tranquility, who themselves have strands Phoebe fragrance,
wholesale gucci belts rather calm air is the best. In this process the political affairs of the emperor that year, the ceremony was held, first heard loud bell tower nine, followed by the lodge temple chime coincide with the Eight Outer Temples, Dangdang sound reverberating ...... always a place with mountains and water the most cool mountain resort that can not be less a lake.


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