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, "Would be extremely Ling, list of small hills," standing on top of the mountain panoramic mountain views, presumably a lot of people's wish. Recently the Austrian Alps in the territory of the establishment of a unique viewing platform for tourists to view the mountain scenery.
cheap sunglasses Unusually, this glass viewing platform suspended in 400 meters of altitude, looking down people tremble with fear.

According to foreign media reports, in the territory of the Alps in Austria, local tourist resorts in the altitude of 400 meters off the ground building a transparent glass viewing platform and up to 100 meters of the bridge. Viewing platform and bridge below without any support,
Ray Ban Outlet, completely suspended in a few hundred meters altitude.

This tourist resort in the introduction, wrote: "Only those with an iron will to dare to embark on such a glass viewing platform." Indeed, standing on the observation deck overlooking the mountain like scenery, really make people feel scared. A few hundred meters from the ground on the bridge tour, the "acrophobia" I am afraid that will not stand the heart of tourists.

According to reports,
Ray Ban sunglasses the mountain bridge and viewing platform spent a total of six months to build, this bridge is the highest bridge in Austria. Responsible for building the bridge and viewing platform technical director Carl said, the construction of the bridge is completely non-destructive natural beauty, but allows visitors to watch from a height sufficient to mountain scenery, which he was "very happy."


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