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As the sun slowly rising, my eyes of the world turned into a golden brown. Originally a hot air balloon stretches under natural weathering stone landscape, just like the injected vitality, showing brilliant colors, I impressed by Mother Nature, Replica Designer Handbags fear is the only hot air balloon at sunrise chance to watch such a spectacular sight.

Pilots quite proud to say: "Tell everyone that today a total of more than 100 hot-air balloon, and now we are whole Cappadocia highest flying hot air balloon, now is the height of 1000 meters." It seems as soon as possible launch is still very good,
Cheap Designer Handbags not only occupy a favorable position flight, but also in high-altitude balloon on land overlooking one rises slowly emerge from the seabed that attitude like bubble-like, endless, colorful .

Hot air balloon during the flight traveling very stable, hot air balloon pilots will make the rotation, we can ensure that the basket 360-degree viewing landscape. Hot air balloon pilots will fly height control very well, sometimes just above the landscape beneath our feet 5 to 10 meters, so have the opportunity to get up close shot magic known as "fairy chimneys" weathered stone pillars. Sometimes turn at low altitude, the shuttle in the valley,
Knockoff Handbags from the cliffs on both sides close to those magic rocks at your fingertips, hot air balloon as the embodiment of the spirit, shuttling different world.


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