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Nepal Pokhara, a handle snowy mountain town in South Asia. It is the other side of the Himalayas, such as girlish, petite figure does not enchanting but gentle and graceful, beautiful face, but not brightly beautiful as ever. Soft atmosphere permeated with aloof detachment, good smile is a firm belief in the depths. Mixed with a hint of temperament, sometimes slow tune quiet, sometimes vibrant. If Phewa lake can Xiaojiabiyu like soft warm arms,
wholesale belts it can be like the magnificent snow-capped mountains magnificent breathtaking. This is known as the "Asian Little Switzerland", just over 800 meters above sea level, was able to see the rise proudly stand of 7000 ~ 8000 meters of the many snow-capped mountains.

Excellent terrain make Boca became extreme sports shrine, it is those who dream of flying paradise. If you are OK to here, please generously give yourself some time,
cheap belts in addition to enjoying lazy days, paragliding air experience not to be missed.

Morning, after enjoying the sunrise over snow-capped mountains, multiplied paragliding, do a happy bird indulge landscape, listening to the air in the ear of the song, feel the clouds stay at your fingertips is an extreme temptation. Since you have a bird's height, the taste of tainted sky, life will also leave a unique memory. Therefore, in Pokhara, if not take the paraglider, will become the future travel memories of a pity. Eight or nine in the morning,
cheap gucci belts then with that vibrant sun, surrounded by snow-capped mountains to feel together, accompanied by the passion cloud time bar.


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