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Heilongjiang TV Tower - Dragon Tower is a set of radio and television transmission, tourism, catering and entertainment, advertising communication, wireless communication in an integrated multi-tower, 336 meters high tower, is currently first in Asia, the world's second high steel towers.

Dragon Tower belongs to Heilongjiang Provincial Radio and Television Bureau. Dragon Tower since its inception in 2000,
cheap gucci belts the use of modern scientific management mechanism operation, and achieved good economic and social benefits, the annual volume of 50 million or more visitors, "Descendants of the Dragon on Dragon Tower" brand has gained publicity, Dragon Tower the overall strength of the tower in the country among the best.

Dragon Tower internal resource allocation rich dragon tower technology park known as "Longjiang first Paradise", is the national youth science education practice base; "dinosaur science world" simulation dinosaur, rare fossils, interactive lectures,
wholesale belts lead us together explore the mystery of dinosaurs and feel the ancient legend of the mysterious creature. Second floor added "3D stereoscopic Art" shocking picture of deceptive illusion, magic pigment drawings Watch breathtaking.

181 m high observation deck has the world's longest "Walk in the Clouds thrilling ring", circumference 60 meters of the "Walk in the Clouds thrilling ring" near misses, romantic stimulation, as by UFO in space travel. 186 m air revolving restaurant, area 1256 m2, comfortable and elegant, and Western cuisine delicate sections; 190 m altitude outdoor sightseeing platform,
cheap belts long-term perspective, relaxed and happy. 203 m air restaurant is the highest Bard leisure inn and dating sites attract similar romantic young man's ingenuity to attract business people, a lot of people in this sort thoughts, think about the future. 206 m praying Dragon Tower Museum, Museum of Chinese supreme blessing, its hi satisfied Hail to ten thousand Originality, vigorous and convincing character "Fu", the heritage of civilization, praying the future.


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