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posted on 06.12.09

I love Chris Milk's work!  He specializes in everything from photography to music videos, but his best known works are probably his music videos for Kanye West, including All Falls Down, Jesus Walks, and Touch the Sky. I love that his videos aren't cliche, glossy, rap videos, but instead character studies.  They usually follow a very linear story which is livened up with beautiful and unique camera angles, like in All Falls Down where the camera stands in for Kanye West's view of the story.  This video,The Last Dream, which I found on Shape and Color, does the same and I absolutely love it.  It follows a dying old man's life flashing before his eyes and the camera takes on the old man's view. The shots are quick but incredibly vivid and detailed.  The film was entered in the "42 second Dream Film Festival" in Beijing, where all the films had to be 42 seconds.  The score, which perfectly paces the shots and breathes life in to the sequence, was also composed by him.

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