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posted on 06.12.09

Here, in no particular order, are twelve great film blogs (other than this one, of course!) that will keep you up to date and in the know in the wide world of film:

Filmmaker Magazine bills itself as "the" magazine for independent film, and it's certainly chock full of industry news, the scoop on festivals, conferences, director's interviews and more.

World Film keeps you abreast of just that, with an ongoing survey of news and reviews from festivals and screenings around the world.

A Steady Diet of Films - regular entries by a filmmaker and film afficionado who gets to festivals, screenings, interviews and more.

GreenCine Daily, all the news, all the time from the people at GreenCine, a DVD rental outfit.

The House Next Door - blog from NYPress critic Matt Zoller Seitz.

Alternative Film Guide - a great blog that offers an offbeat look at the world of films.

Bright Lights After Dark a companion to the mag, a hybrid of academic and popular voices and views.

Invisible Cinema - all about the obscure world of experimental film.

Film Art - observations on film and film art by Prof. David Bordwell.

The Auteurs Notebook - a group of opinionated reviewers and film writers.

Twitch - all about the Asian film scene and market.

European Films - new films from the "old" continent.

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