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posted on 06.22.13

I have been developing strategies to use the material on my artist website as a material for art rather than just a portfolio space. One would be to canibalize the images into new collage works which would also consist of some sort of process that would take into account the number of views the particular images have had. So the ones with the most views would be repeated/used the most times.

Another idea is to create some sort of guided video tour of the site with several different performative voices, one from myself, one from an artist friend, one from a curator, one from a random person, etc. This video would be available on the site so the viewer could follow along. 

The most radical idea I have had is to offer the site up for sale, basically auction off my entire ouvre-not the art pieces themselves- but the images of the art as it appears on this site. So I imagine someone who wants to be an artist, doesn't have the time, all they have to do is buy my site and attach their name and voila! they get an instant art career (such that it is!) complete with works, a resume, etc. This will be like my version of John Baldessari cremating all his paintings and displaying all of the ashes in an urn. I am not sure how to create the equivalent of the cookies however.

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