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what i like about these blogs is the fact that those who run them/write for them, are or have been deeply steeped in the photo industry. anyways, these are each worth a lot more than a glance and at least a subscription or feed to your google reader or whatever. so heres my brief intro to a few of my favorties.


amy stein photography blog - amy stein is a practicing photographer and teacher in new york. she has published several works and her new one domesticated is quite rad (I'm a fan of animals in constructed environments). anyways, her blog keeps up with whats happenin in the fine art world of photography. there are occassional posts on other mediums of art, but it pretty much sticks to photography. she inserts her opinion, but really the blog seems to be a place to find out about new and cool stuff rather than debates. mostly centers around nyc but youll find stuff for other cities, as well.

a photo editor - this is probably my favorite photography blog at the moment. rob haggart was the director of photography for men's journal and outdoor magazine. what's cool about robs blog is that is comes with a ton of understanding and knowledge of the photography publishing world. he is able to put information and opinion out there and not be rude about it. his unpretentious nature makes his blog worth reading without feeling pressured to hate or love the subject of his post. it's democratic and allows for not just art to show through, but the world that surrounds art to show through at the same time.

reciprocity failure - stan banos runs a great little blog that takes no time at all to read through and learn somethin new about somethin current in photography. his blog is really a platform of personality and straighforwardness. he recently grappled with pdn over their all-white jury selection and created an important and large pool of discussion based on photpgraphy and race. it took off on a number of other blogs and even received a response from pdn two or three days ago.

there are tons of others, but those are some to just check out at the moment.

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