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Abstract: The world is not flat, even if it is at the foot. When clothes dressed Hollywood actress who is always in distress before dinner at least one pair of shoes between shoes when poor children in Argentina but also because one less pair of shoes, and barefoot in the barren land ran. Toms shoes there, so two of the world's people through a shoe while wearing the same link.
Toms shoes sale companies and charitable organizations around the world, including World Vision, the Cambodian Children's Fund, the World Village. These organizations provide for the toms kids sizes, and provide the child received the shoes photos in TOMS blog publishing. Because children's feet grow quickly, toms will be every six months to a year to provide children a new pair of shoes.
This social enterprise with a "buy one pair of shoes, let a child does not get a pair of shoes, new shoes," the business idea to create the famous but one gives onedonate a "BOGO mode".
In early 2006 summer, Americans Blake Mycoskie came to Argentina to learn to play polo, tango, and participated in a number of community service work. Where Matkowski found that due to extreme poverty, many children have long barefoot walk in the silica excess land, suffering from all sorts of foot disease. One day, he encounters a number of visitors from the city on the road is being released to raise money for rural children's shoes, but a lot of old shoes styles and sizes is not appropriate.
Matkowski was wondering, is there a new approach that allows the kids to wear the right shoes?
Matkowski is a born entrepreneur, he was popular in the United States before the reality show "The Amazing Race" was runner-up, also founded a few companies across different industries.
That year, with $ 300,000 Matkowski welfare in Gary Georgia toms shoes company founded in Santa Monica (Toms Shoes), toms shoes promote comfort first, the use of environmentally friendly materials, local traditions of Argentina shoes "Alpargata" as a design source, adhering to the minimalist design ideas. Uppers and shoes are pure cotton cloth, leather insole is soft, with non-slip soles, lightweight and comfortable, even though it will not wear do not wear socks feet, the retail price of $ 48 to $ 85 range. Toms and other shoes of different sales, buy one get one free. Matkowski decided to promote sales of donated footwear manufacturers if produced according to sales volume corresponding pair of new toms shoes to children, we can guarantee long-term stability of the donations.
Soon, "Los Angeles Times" live version found his creative headlines brought him business, the newspaper will have more than 900 orders the same day, his phone was stunned hit no electricity.
Just four months, cheap toms shoes had sold more than 10,000 pairs of shoes. He returned to Argentina issued the first batch of donated shoes, brought 10,000 pairs of shoes (he was originally planned in the first year with 200 pairs of shoes back to Argentina). Soon, with the number of successive fashion media reports, toms shoes become Hollywood stars in casual attire favorite.
Complementary businesses and charitable
Toms company has a department called "TOMS Friends", responsible for around the world looking for screening influential local charitable organizations to help them find needed shoes children. With their partner organizations include the World Vision Cambodia Children's Fund, the World Village.
These organizations provide for the TOMS kids sizes, and after receiving the shoes, the shoes of the kids to get photos and active process to toms shoes, and then by the toms shoes outlet blog publishing. Because children's feet grow quickly, TOMS will be every six months to a year to provide children a new pair of shoes, always accompany them through childhood.
To allow more people to join the donation in the past, April 8, 2008, Matkowski initiated the "Barefoot Day" campaign, calling on volunteers to walk barefoot on this day. Personal experience, so that volunteers understand the world, millions of children every day of the suffering and the value of donated shoes. After every year, in cities around the world have hundreds of thousands involved in this movement.
In addition, the company also launched a "bum trip" activities, various campuses in the United States by volunteers spread philosophy. Company also works with more than 1,200 schools clubs, to let students to design or handmade shoes. 2009, toms hot in Hollywood, widely sought after by many stars. To 2010, toms  in the world with over 500 stores, has sold more than 100 million pairs of shoes.
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