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Recently, the Olsen Twins Ashley - Olsen and Mary - Kate - Olsen teamed toms shoes create a personal brand, for poor children fundraising.
It is reported that the Olsen sisters already have, including Row brand's fashion and shoes and other product lines. This and toms shoes online collaboration, they hope to serve more children's charity fundraiser, and then called on the community focus on poverty, child survival and education situation. "We are very pleased to work with toms footwear industry cooperation, the sale of every a pair of shoes, the kids will be able to receive one pairs of free loving toms shoes, buy shoes's customer also have the opportunity like to take this repay society." Ashley - Olsen expressed. Kate - Olsen made ​​a similar love manifesto, "dedicated to immediate, this thing is very interesting, I hope more people can join love to pass the team, help more poor children."
Blake (Blake Mycoskie) created toms shoes in 2006, has always insisted on selling one pair of toms shoes greece, wanted to donate one pair of children in need of loving shoe charity, and many times with the joint development of an influential celebrity charity love shoes, relief around the world poor children.
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“"wanted to donate one pair of children in need of loving shoe charity," my wife and I will take the children, we dont have any but have tons of shoes!”
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