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     The foothills a small gallery space that doubles as the flagship store for Dirty Vato Clothing, held it's first gallery show this month. The space itself houses two rooms. The first room has glass windows from top to bottom assisting in building curiosity from by passers. Nicely presented to the outside world in a luscious wall display. Two emerging artist coated these walls with ravenousness imagery from top to bottom. The two artist featured in the space are native to California, Erwin Recinos & Leo Quijano II. Their images dance together on the walls, creating a dialogue.

     It was difficulty to pick were to visually start, all the images worked so beautiful with each other. The classic California style of Erwin Recinos drew me in, being a New Yorker. His digital photographs depict the influence of latino car culture. Erwin Recinos stated when I spoke with him that he was more interested in the environment around him. Paintings on the back wall by Erwin Recinos are more about typography and texture. Saturated, cracked, gritty, layered typography covers each painting, building their own lexicon. His paintings followed by Leo Quijano II two paintings flow exquisitely on the back wall, in harmony.

     Leo Quijano II two paintings are porous, textured topographic images. Retentive in appearance, they bring to mind what it would be like to see the ground on Mars or the ocean floor. The paintings are just as beautiful, if not more compared to his photographic images. His photographic style focuses just as much on beauty, turning to a siren, sex kitten, Betty Page girls. Leo Quijano II a gentle giant towers over the girls in his photographs. His height illustrates the petiteness woman have over men. The girls keep eye contact with the camera, interpreting the idea of women as the male sex objects, but an object of seduction in their own right. The placement of his photographs with Erwin Recinos aids in creating a change in subject and eye movement.

     What really brings their two styles together is the use of saturated color, accomplished prints and love of beautiful creations. The Foothills has plans to hold more events and gallery shows. Ideas in the works are a craft night featuring local artist, Dirty Vato clothing events and local artists showcasing their work. The Foothills has the right location, colossal toothsome taste and talent. They also serve up a mean cheese dish, beer and wine during their events. It is undoubtable a place to check out in Long Beach's Signal Hill area. The Foothills is located at 2021 East 19th Street in Signal Hill, more information is available on the Dirty Vato website   

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