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posted on 06.11.09

I love reading fashion blogs- they are a great way to explore what the latest trends are, what people on the street are wearing, learning about the latest exhibitions and literature, and listening to unique and individual persepctives on what is fashionable today.  Every self respecting fashionista knows about The Sartorialist, but there are many other sites worth following. Here are some of my favorite blogs.

1. The Cut: New York Magazine Fashion Blog (

New York magazine is always a good read, and their fashion blog provides a plethora of the latest news on designers, beauty products, new clothing stores in the city, up and coming models, and good events/sales.

2. Garance Dore: Une Fille Comme Moi (

A beautiful site maintained by a young Parisian fashion illustrator, Garance Dore provides sections on street style, her artwork, beauty, and fashion.  She also provides lots of links to other great fashion blogs.

3. Hedi Slimane Diary (

This site features Slimane's black and white photography work; lots of great images of beautiful boys and girls.

4. Fashion Toast (

Model Rumi photographs herself (and her outfits) at Fashion Toast.  This girl is not only gorgeous, but owns an incredibly envious wardrobe.  A total vanity project, but still fun to look at!

5. Purple Diary

Olivier Zahm's provocative blog that is a compliment to his amazing Purple Fashion Magazine.  Zahm tries to connect art and fashion in unique and interesting ways, and is one of the few magazine editors working today who tries to push the envelope.

6. Jak & Jil (

Great photos of streetwear from Europe and New York.  The blog also features beautiful fashion photography, and a recent photo shoot of Montreal based label Complex Geometries' avant-garde designs.

7. Fashion Wire Daily (

A no-nonsense blog site devoted to the latest fashion industry news, including reviews of fashion shows, awards, and celebrities.

8. V Magazine (

A companion to the fabulous V Magazine. This site explores contemporary fashion and art while also reporting on hip events, parties, and what cool people in the street are wearing.

9. Terryworld (

Photographer Terry Richardson's blog site featuring a variety of his racy and humorous work.

10. Street Peeper (

A blog dedicated to street style, with sections on New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Melbourne, and others.

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