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posted on 06.13.09
by Arty

Los Olvidados - 1950. If anyone was to ask me who I thought was the greatest director of all time it would be Luis Bunuel without a second thought. 20 years after his Dali collaborations, Un chien andalou and L'Age d'Or, Bunuel surfaced in Mexico and shocked the world with the story of Mexican slum dwelling youth. For my money this is in the top 5 greatest films ever made. The scene where the delinquent youth stone a blind man is something that has stayed with me for years. Bunuel the great moralist, instead of absolving the youth of their horrible deeds due to the conditions they were raised in, instead ends up dropping the full moral implications of their crimes on their heads and the audience, giving full responsibility to the individual. It's a life changing work of art and something that will always be with me.

That Obscure Object of Desire - 1977 Bunuel's last film. I think I learned more about women from watching this than anyone I've ever dated. Women's motives still remain obscure to me, but Bunuel's biting wit and scathing satire of society remained until the very end.

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie - 1972. Bunuel's attack on bourgeois manners and morality. Unbelievably, laugh out loud funny.

Viva La Muerte (Long live death) -1971- Fernando Arrabal
Spanish avant garde playwright, Arrabal helped found "The Panic Movement" along with Chilean midnight moviemaker Alejandro Jodorowsky and writer/animator Roland Topor who went on to collaborate on the great French cartoon "Fantastic Planet." Viva La Muerte would be Jodorowsky's "Holy Mountain" with the adolescent symbolism left far behind. This is shockingly brutal, a scream from the guts against all oppression. John Lennon called this "brilliant" and one of his favorite films.

Vampyres - 1974 - Dir: Jose Ramon Larraz
A virtually plotless fetishization of vampires, one of the most erotic films I've seen. I wish I could tell you more about how a flood of some of the worlds most horrific and sexualized films managed to come out of Spain during the last years of the Franco regime but I can't.

The Witches Mountain - 1972 - Raul Artigot
Only a country of Roman Catholics can make blasphemy of this caliber, a rambling, incoherent and completely nonsensical piece of euro-sleaze.

“It's not exactly Spanish, but have you seen El Topo or The Holy Mountain? I just added Alejandro Jodorowsky to A+C. xA”
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