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While rummaging through my overflowing stockpile of books, I came across PEACE:100 IDEAS.  It seems that I usually find this jewel when I'm feeling uninspired, or I guess maybe it finds me.  I never put it back in the same spot and so it's always a charming surprise when it reveal itself again.  The book, designed by Chen Design Associates, was inspired by Dr.David Krieger and his list of 100 Ways to Promote a More Peaceful World. It is a visual treat from cover to cover, with simple truths we should all remember; each one matched with clean, sweat, and bold images.  I love the presentation of each idea, and although every image is unique and original, they flow from each other with a perfect harmony.  The back-cover beautifully ties everything together with a quote from Mother Teresa: If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.


Here are a few words of PEACE to ponder.



# 3 - Recycle.

# 11 - Teach peace to children.

# 22 - Consider the larger implications of what you do.




# 58 - Clear Your Mind



# 75 - Say I love you more.

# 93 - Spend time in nature.


# 97 - Help make a wish come true.


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