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There's a lot of blogs and websites out there right now on issues in curatorial practice. Here are a few that I read regularly: 

Written by Michelle Kasprzak, a curator based in Edinburgh, Scotland, moves beyond the realm of musings and reflections on issues in curatorial practice. also provides a space for job listings and opportunities specifically for curators, and a space for dialog on current issues in the field. 

New Curator

Relatively new on the blogging scene, New Curator aims to discuss issues surrounding museums and politics on an international, cross-disciplinary scale. In this broad approach, they hope to paste together a picture of how the future of museums is being constructed/revised/re-visioned on an ongoing basis.

Launched out of the Curating Degree Zero Archive, is a scholarly web-journal published by Dorothee Richter that focuses on questions around curatorial practice and theory. The journal has a unique interest in reaching out to curators to create a platform for dialog and research on the issues surrounding contemporary curatorial practices. 


ExhibiTricks is Paul Orselli's blog that provides information and tips on interactive and innovative museum exhibition design. Perfect for if you need some inspiration in developing your own curatorial project. 

Museum 2.0

Museum 2.0, another personal/professional blog space, documents the ideas and reflections of freelance exhibition designer Nina Simon, who specializes in developing participatory exhibitions using web 2.0. Another great place for inspiration if you are particularly interested in interactive museum experiences, and how to use web 2.0 interfaces to reach broader audiences.

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