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In order to help mothers to celebrate Mother's Day, pandora bracelets from the earliest silver heart-shaped strap inspiration. The texture sterling silver, heart-shaped strap and specially designed pendant features a beautiful pink red garnet embedded in the middle of the decorative ring. Mother's Day design has three different forms, namely bracelet pendant, necklaces, pendants or earrings, this can now more easily create their own LOOK.
Retro-inspired sets of jewelry
Outside the heart-shaped strap, the pandora charmsalso designed special retro sets jewelry. The jewelry taken oxidized sterling silver and inlaid with beautiful, bright Carl Xideng gem.
PANDORA Mother's Day Jewelry
The jewelry sets suitable for necklaces and bracelets pendants, rings and earrings elegant pendant. The characteristics of the complete sets of jewelry by Carl Hidden gems inlaid in sterling silver compact reel, best handmade jewelry gifts sent to each mother should be favored.
The eternal moment
PANDORA Mother's Day series also includes two elegant Swiss-made watch. Smooth stainless steel production, with compelling watch pandora charms with a unique personal style modeling.
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