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This season Pandora Charms the beloved Crown Charm transformed into a pendant. This section pendant sterling silver, set with 48 cubic zirconia gems, hanging at the bottom of the necklace, noble and yet solemn. Elegant, handmade pendant in the background color against the backdrop of shiny, low-key and caught the eye of every one strap behind the exquisite handmade process, do now. Season to tide Crown Pendant, pearl crown earrings and sterling silver rings combined into the most popular crown of glory suit.
Like a crystal drops like static on the surface, hollow gemstone Charm Pandora Jewelry launched in the spring of 2013, the latest for any a bracelet can make it more stunning shine. This section Charm magic purple, peach pink and white Star three colors, 12 cubic zirconia gems inlaid by hand on every single strap, the continuation of Pandora Charms consistently for all women to create high-quality, hand-crafted Jewelry commitment, abstract circular pattern at first glance the stunning charming but in reality low-key, hollow design is to bring a little bit of charm.
Brilliantly colored cherry elements appear in Pandora Necklaces 2013 spring series, the theme of this season Ring cherry fleeting, beautiful perfectly captures the delicate pink flower clusters permanently solidified at the top of the ring. Sterling silver top is decorated by moving to the seven-gloss white freshwater cultured pearls made ​​of pink enamel petals around.
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