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Raumtaktik, an urban interventionist collaborative with a studio in Berlin, is experimenting with a process based architecture.  They are less concerned with the forms of architecture but instead are engaged in an investigation into the environmental and social impacts of how we inhabit space.  (t.v.)


With their urge to change the world these two “Raumtaktiker“ (spatial tacticians) have clearly dissociated themselves from architecture that only focuses on shapes, effects and the ups and downs of the market. Böttger and Börries are striving for a form of architecture that is “more than just a building”. The basis for their ideas is the confrontation with ecological and social realities, with climate change, commercialisation, more and more resource shortages and migration shifts. By analysing the related spatial phenomena, by developing a stance, by working out ways to intervene – this is how raumtaktik’s programmatic approach could be described. 

"Pragmatists - The architects Matthias Böttger and Friedrich von Borries from raumtaktik in Berlin" (from Goethe-Institut website)



Friedrich von Borries and Matthias Böttger were both born in 1974 and set up raumtaktik (spatial tactics) together in 2003 to pursue an investigation of space and spatial intervention.

Both architects are concerned with an interest in the means of production of space, and the cultural, economic and political parameters that determine the shape of architecture and urban development. Globalisation, migration, economic transformation, commercialisation, the event character of space, as well as the activation of urban space are the underlying conditions which their work investigates.

In 2006 Friedrich von Borries and Matthias Böttger were commissioned by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb (Federal Agency for Civic Education) to curate the tour exhibition entitled: Fanshop der Globalisierung (Fan Shop for Globalisation) and edited an accompanying publication of the same name. A year later they published Space Time Play – Computer Games, Architecture and Urbansim which dealt with the defi nition of virtual space in computer and video games.

Work by raumtaktik has featured in exhibitions such as Shrinking Cities, with archilab Orleans, at the Rotterdam Architectural Biennial, the Berlin Jewish Museum and with Designmai Berlin. More of their current work can be seen this year at ZKM in Karlsruhe, at the Zurich Architekturforum and at Nai in Rotterdam. Together, Friedrich von Borries and Matthias Böttger have been selected for residences in 2009 with Akademie Schloß Solitude in Stuttgart.

Friedrich von Borries and Matthias Böttger have been visiting professors for art in public space at the Nuremberg Akademie der Bildenden Künste since 2007.

(from Raumtaktik website)

Germany at the Architecture Biennale Venice 2008: selected projects commissioned by Raumtaktik

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