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posted on 06.08.09

I just found a great new photographer!! His name is Gerald Forster and his work titled "Nocturnal" instantly reminded me of Gregory Crewdson. They both have a very cinematic approach to photography and err...intersting subject matter! If you like sex at night in public places, you will like his series titled "Nocturnal". 

But as much as I like sex, I am a bigger fan of his series titled "Todesschrei", German for 'death cry' or 'death scream'. Each image captures the horror of a person's expression the moment they learn they are to die. And each face has a subtle distortion; maybe an eye is darker than another, or too close togehter, or the jaw is slightly askew.

To me, each photograph reads like a movie. I find myself looking into the reflections of their eyes to find clues about the killer. is it a murder? Is it an accident? Whatever it is, I find myself watching these photographs like I am watching a feature film; and for that, I adore this photographer.


I found him on but to check out his work go to:

“I love the photo! I think I found my kind of photographer!”
Posted over 6 years ago
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