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LuminaTO, Toronto's celebration of culture and creativity, kicked off yesterday. Visual art gets a great chance to show what it has in store for the city. This year's theme: Communication.

Here is what was interesting on day 1:

The picture above is David Rokeby's "Long Wave", at Brookfield Place. This is a representation of a sine wave, which is a general wave pattern of handheld communication devices. This was great. The installation used the interior architecture of the place very well, the white grid of of the roofs and walls provides a natural resemblance to graphing papers, which goes perfectly with the red sine wave. Great architecture always benefits things in the long run, providing space for potential. Hooray to Calatrava! As well as Rokeby! This installation also provides a different look from every point of view, being a multidimensional as well as single dimensionality of a graph. It's like you are in a 3D sine graph! Really happy I could see this one! Rokeby is an artist to watch.

The video is Germaine Koh's "Broken Arrow" at The Exchange Tower. Interesting concept, but I have to say the way it was exhibited was very lacking. The projection on the wall is based on the communication devices around the projector. The box, which projects, has a detector that senses the signals and devices around it. So it captures it, and projects the device information on the wall. Technologically this has much potential for great exhibition, but it was sort of hidden in the inside of the Exchange Tower, where there is very little public flow. I mean, who goes there other than people who work there??? Come on! Also the scale of the exhibition was very small. What if it was in a bigger public space where there is a constant flow of people, like the Eaton Centre or City Hall, or middle of the busy street? And projection could be not centered into a little circle, but all over the ceiling or on a face of building in much bigger size? That could have looked amazing at night! But although the curating was disappointing, the technology here definately have a potential for application.

What was disappointing:

1.As I came to the site for the Binary Waves, an interactive piece by LAb[au], at the supposed time it was to be showing, it was still being prepared! Not ready at all! Tsk tsk!

2.Big L'Oreal booth at Yonge and Dundas, filled with makeup booths. I mean I know it is corporate-sponsered, but you don't have to shove it in the public's face. It just doesn't look very good. It seems like it is L'Oreal festival rather than for creativity and arts.

Overall it could've been better, but it is only day 1! Can't wait to see what else is coming up!


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Jen *Rose says:
“I agree with you about the make-up booths! Not subtle at all. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
Eunsoo Ahn replies:
“YES! also did you visit Raphael Mazzuco's exhibition? I mean that was just Lo'real Exhibition. Too much!”
Posted over 6 years ago
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