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posted on 06.08.09

Sony Pictures Entertainment has finally embraced the era web video content, and better late than never, I say! I was recently able to watch Tim Burton's "Big Fish" back-to-back with "The Karate Kid II" and several episodes of "Dilbert," all for free, streaming off the website.

Thus far, their offerings when it comes to original programming are mostly time-killers. David Faustino can be seen in both a plethura of old episodes of "Married... with Children," as well as in his Crackle original show entitled "Star-ving," whereby he's joined by "Parker Lewis" alum, Corin Nemec and Coolio in an effort to regain his star status."The Hustler" stars Mark Feuerstein, as he seeks revenge on the family of the man who allegedly stole his high school football record. I did actually enjoy the series "The Take-Away Shows," which features various bands (Alamo Race Track, Effi Briest, Rock Plaza Central) playing songs on the streets of NYC.

So if you're in your early 30's and are crashing on the sofa through swine flu season, and have forgotten to replace that old TV antenna, and your "Ferris Bueller" DVD is in the shop, then you're in luck....

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