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posted on 06.04.09

Most would agree that the makings of a truly earth-shattering design talent would have something to with their ability to provoke some sort of emotional reaction from their audience, whether positive or negative. Miuccia Prada is probably the strongest earth-shatterer for me then, where that criteria applies.

While most critics lauded her austerely awkward Fall collection as one of the season's best, I was vehemently disappointed - she was pulling the same 'depressive' card for the third Fall season in a row. How refreshing this season, then, to have been completely blown away by her simple, straightforwardly pretty Resort offering.

Everything about this collection thrills, from the classic Miuccia mix n' match to the undie-shorts to the flowery shoes. The overall look reminds me of something Maggie Smith's students would wear in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie on a weekend picnic - bravo!

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