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posted on 06.04.09

Hello Everybody! This is Eunsoo,

Nice to meet you all, and I will be showing you what's interesting in today's art world! BE INTERESTED. You should care! And I'm funny too so it will be educational as well as entertainment. This is not your typical art blog filled with following words: metaphor, aesthetics, post modern, post-post-modern, post-post-post modern, etc.

First of all, here's some things about myself so you can get to know who's talking:

1. I study economics and make art too. I analyze art in art point of view as well as economic point of view. Prepare to hear phrases like "Market value of Rothko is dropping....." or "The new Koons, is it investment worthy?" People out there who are shocked with repulsion, Come On. Everything is economy, everything is business.

2. I am not pretentious. Surprise! I plan to deliever art with 0% pretention. Impossible you say? Let's see.

3. I want to move to Amsterdam.

I promise to give you:

1. Underrated, idea-based, fantastic art

2. Real information, not fleeting pretention of ego.


Well there you go! To depart, I leave you with this haunting painting "Ivan the Terrible" by Ilya Repin, an amazing Russian painter at the turn of the century, 19th that is. There are such few people who can produce this powerful work. Those Russians can do art.







“What a pleasure to read your introduction, Eunsoo. I am looking forward to more. The painting is extraordinary.”
Posted over 6 years ago
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Ilya Repin