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Have just read an excellent transcription of a discussion between Werner Herzog and Errol Morris. You can find it here.

One's way of listening is one's way of recording. When we record we listen. Every event of listening is also how one puts oneself in the event, creates the event, senses the possible, makes the event.

These two are masterful at creating the event of recording. Herzog describes beautifully how Morris, with the pure empathy of his face, illicits induces confession.

It was natural for Herzog turn to so called documentary film in his later career as all his fiction films already included and had in them a way of recording and seeing both the place of his fictions and the event of the fictions emergence. Harmony Korine does the same, who has worked with Herzog.

All three of these film makers have an incredible ear for listening and finding 'characters' and stories or quandaries that exceed any ordinary dramatist sense of story. That is because life exceeds fictions while it is at the same time made into fiction in recording.

“Thanks for featuring this interview, Marc! Herzog and Morris have always been an interesting pair. Herzog once bet Morris that if Morris would finish his first feature documentary, "Gates of Heaven," he, Herzog, would eat his shoe. You can find a clip of Les Blank's classic 1980 short, "Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe," at”
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